Policy & Blog


  1. The tail that wags the economy: The origin of secular stagnation post, September 2016, with Laura Veldkamp and Venky Venkateswaran

St Louis Fed

  1. Tail Risk Economic Synopses, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Timely Topics Podcast, 2019

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  4. Corporate Bond Spreads and the Pandemic On the Economy Blog, Data, Part I, Part II, Part III, April 2020, with Mahdi Ebsim and Miguel Faria-e-Castro

Foco Economico (in Spanish)

  1. ¿Qué hacen los jóvenes? post, November 2014, with Andy Neumeyer

  2. Pobreza y niñez: la película post, June 2013, with Andy Neumeyer

  3. La Educación y la Distribución del Ingreso de los Niños post, February 2013, with Andy Neumeyer

  4. Fideicomisos tributarios: una solución políticamente viable para Europa? post, November 2011, with Andy Neumeyer

  5. Salarios Nominales en Grecia post, September 2011, with Andy Neumeyer

  6. Flexibilidad Cambiaria y Desempeño Económico durante la Gran Recesión 2008-9 post, July 2011, with Andy Neumeyer and Juanpa Nicolini